welcome to qubit – the israeli quantum computing community

what are quantum computers ?

quantum computing refers to an emerging paradigm for information processing that is based on the ideas of quantum mechanics and the interconnectedness of all things.

the principles of quantum mechanics describe a world where all things are fundamentally interconnected, and every particle of a system is continuously affecting and being affected by all other particles. this means that every particle we add to a system multiplies the complexity of the entire system.

quantum computers provide a way to store, change, and retrieve information from an interconnected system of particles. these systems were theorized in the 1970s and first successfully implemented in the late 1990s. by manipulating matter and energy with extreme precision, they allow us to store and process information, and exploit the interconnectedness of the information stored to create very complex data structures that are impossible, even in theory, to create in our current “classical” information systems.

quantum computers are still very limited – the amount of information that can be stored is small and processing is very unstable and prone to errors. usage of quantum computing is still confined almost entirely to academic research, where computation is mostly carried out to test the efficiency and validity of the machines.

the rate of progress, however, is significant. the size of the systems is growing with the same order of magnitude as their classical counterparts, obeying a growth rate that is similar to that of moore’s law of doubling in size roughly every two years. the huge difference is that when the size of a quantum system is doubled, it’s power is not merely doubled (as in classical systems) but is multiplied by itself (owing to that interconnectedness mentioned earlier). if the current rate of progress continues, we can expect quantum information systems to provide, within 10 to 15 years, significant, perhaps revolutionary advances in literally every aspect of human life.

what is the community is about ?

our goal is to connect people from different disciplines interesting in quantum information technology, as a way to boost efforts in the field in israel

our activity is around these areas:

1. meetups and conferences – monthly physical events, where we will offer a chance for people to interact and learn about different aspects of quantum technology.

2. content and education – multidisciplinary training courses and seminars in partnership with academic institutes, a local podcast in hebrew, and updated mapping of the israeliquantum information ecosystem.

3. social media and online communication – presence on facebook and telegram, providing access to information and content, as well as a place for discourse.

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